Not Much More to Report

Since my last update, we’ve gotten very little news. We finally heard that the surgeons don’t want to do anything at the moment because they’re not sure they need to. Which makes sense to us (and, frankly, we really don’t want them to unless they <i>have</i> to). But there’s not a lot of progress on diagnosing what’s causing the edema, and if it’s something to fret about.

Last week, we had two doctors in the clinic visit — in addition to Machen’s regular nephrologist, his former nephrologist/OHSU nephrologist was in town, so he joined in the fun. They spent a little more time talking to each other than to us — but did remember to check in with us enough to not be annoying (especially when the OHSU nephrologist stepped out). They decided to tweak his BP medication, because it can tend to exacerbate an edema — but they were unwilling to attribute all of it to the meds. We’re waiting to see what that does. If this doesn’t clear up between time and medication within a month they’re going to get aggressive about it — but it’s unclear how. Or if there’s a giant need for it, but there’s no reason this kind of thing to happen.

Other than that, he got fitted for a belt to act as protective gear for bicycling, etc. It’s generally a good idea, we’re told, for transplant patients to prevent bruising the kidney doing sporting-type things. His kidney is apparently a little closer to the surface than others, so it’s really recommended for him. It was nice to do something a bit forward-looking, rather than just focusing on “is everything okay?”

Speaking of forward-looking — he’s got his 3-month biopsy coming up in a week and a half. Three months already! Various transplant centers, if they do them at all, do the biopsies at different schedules, but ours does the first at three months. I’ll talk more about that just before it, or the day of — but assuming things go the way everyone expects them to, we should start to scale back the medication, clinic visits and everything just a tad after this biopsy. Which will be nice for all of us. There’s a little bit of testing they’re going to do prior to the biopsy to make sure that it’ll be safe and they know what to expect as far as location/size/etc. Nothing major, really.

So that’s that — he’s still feeling fine, his voracious appetite is still pretty active, but it’s leveled-off (phew!), school’s going well (when he’s able to be there — thankfully, the school is being great to work with about that). Overall, things are going well as far as we can tell, and that’s just great to know.


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