Sound and Fury, Signifying . . .

So part of the boilerplate warnings they give parents/patients before a biopsy is that bleeding can occur. Well, Dr. Bender catches herself at this point to say, of course bleeding will occur — a needle is being stuck into an organ. It’s just that bleeding might happen after the biopsy. Kidneys don’t always clot like they’re supposed to, apparently. But the odds of it being bad are small, and they know how to deal with things post-biopsy to reduce the risk — and even if it happens, they can take care of it.

It’s worse, actually, we’re assured after a biopsy of native kidneys. You should know, in case it happens to you. There’s a protocol for it like there is for a transplant, but given the location of a transplanted kidney, they’re easier to deal with.

But I digress.

After a couple of days of rest and care, the possibility of the wounds not healing properly is almost nil. Catch the almost. Now, Machen had no signs, really, of anything afoot. He was tired. Really tired, a lot in the two weeks after the biopsy — and we did talk to Dr. Bender about that, but no one thought much of it. He was also paler than usual, but not horribly.

Until his regular blood test results came back 2 weeks after the biopsy. And Dr. Bender calls right away, leaving me a voice mail saying that she’s ordered an ultrasound that afternoon and needs to talk to me about the blood test. That tends to get your attention, I’ve gotta say. His red blood count, hemoglobin levels and other things are low. Seriously low. Low enough to indicate internal bleeding.

His mom’s not available, so I’m able to get out of work for the day — so I grab him from school (I had to call the school right after I talked to the doctor to keep him from getting lunch and ruining the test). Oddly enough, but Machen tells me this is Standard, they spent the first half of the time (maybe longer) scanning his native kidneys. I guess I kind of understand that when they’re getting an ultrasound to check on kidney health — but when they’re looking for bleeding, maybe focus on the thing that was stuck with a needle?

Anyway, they made us stick around for a bit while they got an quick read of the results and then let us go home — which he and I took as a good sign. Doctor Bender called a couple of hours later to express a lot of shock — no bleeding. So we got to go back for more blood work. Three various tests within 23 hours — that’s almost post-hospital numbers.

It turns out that Machen picked up a viral infection, probably one that is preventing the production of Red Blood Cells. Which sounds bad, but is better than bleeding. This is what happens when you take a handful of immuno-suppressants a couple of times a day.

He’s still weak, still tired, and his blood tests don’t show that he’s bounced back in the two weeks since (we haven’t heard an official word about his most recent tests, but my uneducated eye isn’t impressed with what I’m seeing). I was hoping to have something more definitive to say about this virus and his recovery, but that’ll have to wait for a bit, apparently. We’ve got another clinic visit coming up Thursday, so hopefully by then we’ll have answers.

By and large though, the short version is this: the new kidney is doing great, the kidney’s host could be doing better.


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