Another Milestone

As you can tell, it’s been quiet lately (and not just because I can’t keep up with things here). But there’s one noteworthy thing that happened lately.

So last week (when I should’ve posted this — I know), Machen hit one of the big post-transplant milestones, 9 months. To commemorate this milestone, he had another ultrasound (things are stable — bruit is still present, but unchanged), and our regular monthly visit with his nephrologist.

His blood pressure is good (could maybe be better, but not much). All the blood tests are on target. He’s growing well (a couple of inches) — and putting on weight (around 50 pounds!). My wife saw a Facebook from three years ago the other day where she asked her friends, “Okay, how do you fatten a kid up who doesn’t like to eat and do it without adding protein or dairy?” Now she knows, “Apparently, the answer was to get him a new kidney! 😂”

The biggest change at this point — and the most easily noticeable is the sharp reduction in medication (which will lead to a little more in the next few weeks). He’s off his steroids and three others. Some others have been reduced, too. He’ll always be on some medication as long as he has this kidney.

Probably the best way to demonstrate this is visually. You may remember the photo I posted right after we got out of the hospital with a daily dose of meds:

That was then, this was last week:

That’s still a lot of pills, but he’s come a long way.

The one year milestone is another biggie (it’s huge, really). I’ll try to post something before then. Thanks for your continued interest and support!

Author: HCNewton

Just some guy whose hobby has run away from him.

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