Birth, etc.

Well, as I mentioned on Monday, my wife had our third son on Tuesday. It was a fairly event-less delivery. It was very quick, that’s for sure. Anyhow, we then had a relaxing 24 hours just hanging around at the hospital. Anyhow, everyone’s home now, and doing great.

I finished my novel Tuesday night, so I was pretty bored Wednesday morning–wife was sleeping, as was the boy. No cable in the hospital, so I was trying to find Regis interesting…which wasn’t working too well when the nurse came in, asked if they could take some pictures of him to use for advertising–billboards, website, newspaper ads, etc. “Sure, why not?”

So the boy and I spent an hour with the hospital’s PR gal using her really nice digital camera to take photos of one of the more photogenic nurses and him. The took a few of me, too. And got some quotes from me to maybe use in a newspaper ad . . .”the involved dad’s perspective.”

In the end, they went with another couple of kids for the billboards–I think a nice blonde 4 yr old girl posing with mom and baby. . . But they burned a CD of the 40 or so pictures they took of him for me, and he might get in the papers.

On the plus side, I guess that means his 15 minutes might come when he’ll be old enough to appreciate it.

Just for fun, here’s one of the pics off the CD (I’m sure none of the pics with yours truly will be used in advertising)